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  • Gayane and Hovhannes Torosyan
    Alan Donovan speaks with SUNY Oneonta Associate Professor Gayane Torosyan and her husband Hovhannes about the story of their immigration to the United States from the former Soviet Republic of Armenia. Hovhannes Torosyan works as Quality Control Director at Norwich Pharmaceuticals while his wife Gayane teaches in the Department of Communication & Media at Oneonta. During her studies in the doctoral program at the University of Iowa, Torosyan was separated from her family for a year and a half after they were denied entry visas to the United States.
  • Nick Barberio
    Nick Barberio remembers his growing up in Mohawk, New York as the son of a proud legionnaire. He joined the Navy at the age of 18 during World War II. Serving on the USS Vincennes II, his tour took him to the South Pacific, beginning in January, 1944. For his service he received a number of medals. When he returned to civilian life, he worked for a time in Ilion, before enrolling in SUNY Potsdam in teacher education. It was there he met his wife Mildred Clark. Soon after he received his graduate degree from St. Lawrence University, he joined the Education Faculty at SUNY Oneonta where he spent his career and raised his family of three sons.
  • Daniel Larkin
    Dan Larkin looks back on his 50 year career with SUNY Oneonta. Growing up in Rome, Dan talks about his SUNY education at Brockport and the University at Albany. Arriving to the History Department in 1965, he sees many changes in student learning behaviors during his decades of teaching undergraduates. After to his service as a visiting administrator in the Provost’s office at SUNY Central, he then steered the academic programs of the College for over a decade as Provost himself. He talks about his research activities, especially his numerous articles, books and presentations particularly about the Erie Canal and its construction. Of course he is a man of wide interests as he alludes throughout the conversation.
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  • Bertha Rogers (Part 4)
    The conversation concludes as Bertha Rogers describes Bright Hill and the "Word Thursdays" reading program. She also mentions anthologies like "Speaking the Words". She concludes with a reading from her work.
  • Bertha Rogers (Part 3)
    Bertha Rogers continues the conversation and describes her poetry and visual art.
  • Bertha Rogers (Part 2)
    Bertha Rogers, Poet Laureate of Delaware County, recalls her move to the Catskills and the founding of Bright Hill Literary Center.
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Civic Leaders

  • Mark Simonson (Part 4)
    Mark Simonson discusses his role as Oneonta city historian through his columns in the Oneonta Daily Star twice a week. He divides columns between events through WW II and from WW II through 1992. His oral histories have included locals such as Tony Drago.
  • Mark Simonson (Part 3)
    Mark Simonson continues his conversation, describing his early years, his work for non-profit organizations such as the March of Dimes and National Multiple Sclerosis Association. Also, his work as an interpreter at the Cooperstown Farmers Museum.
  • Mark Simonson (Part 2)
    Mark Simonson describes his experience in radio, starting with his studies in broadcasting at Onondaga Community College. He discusses radio lore including history (KDKA Pittsburgh) and the development of transistor radios.
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Business & Nonprofit Leaders

  • Erna Morgan McReynolds (Part 2)
    Having been a successful producer, she also worked as a producer for NBC, during the years of such well known figures as Tom Brokow and Cameron Swayze. But because of her desire to be with Tom, she soon moved back up to our region in the late 1980's, where she launched another very succesful carreer as a broker partnering with Tom. (Her career in communications certainly played a role in her success as a broker.) She discusses in detail the work she did in obtaining licenses, establishing an office, developing and training a staff, and signing up clients for what is now known as Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. She also found time to serve on several non profit boards, including among others, Hartwick College, United Way of Delaware and Otsego Counties and Glimmerglass Opera. Her numerous honors include Barron's Top 100 Women Financial Advisors and Otsego County Chamber Citizen of the Year. One award from the Girl Scouts of America in particular cites some reasons for her service and success: "courage, confidence and character."
  • Erna Morgan McReynolds (Part 1)
    Born and raised in Gilbertsville, Erna discusses the early struggles of her parents to support their family, her work to achieve success academically and a Dow Jones Journalism internship award which helped direct her career path. She did work for a local paper before moving to New Zealand in the early l970’s, where she gained notice writing about the energy crisis of l973. Moving again, while traveling the world, she settled in London and soon became the producer of the renowned “The A.M. Show”, broadcast by London Broadcasting throughout England and the continent. By 1981, she had moved again back to New York and married her busband, Tom Morgan.
  • John Remillard
    John Remillard has served for 27 years as President and CEO of A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital and will be retiring in December, 2015. In our conversation, John talks about his growing up in the North County in Peru, N.Y. and his early career in health care. Since coming to Fox in the spring of l988, he has accomplished a number of significant accomplishments. Among these are the renovation of the operating suite; the purchase and opening of the Fox Care Center in l997; and the conversion of all of Fox’s rooms to single occupancy, more spacious ones. He also comments on the general changes occurring in medical services in the past few years and those yet to come.
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Local History Discussions

  • Neighborhood Stores
    A lively discussion occurred, beginning with a presentation by Tony Drago about his parent’s store, famous for its sausage. He was followed by Wayne Wright, Curator of the exhibit at the Greater Oneonta Historical Society, talking about neighborhood stores in Oneonta’ East End. Bob Wood Jr. then added his comments about running Woody’s Market for 17 years. Bruce Van Buren told us about his parents’ store on River Street and the number of chickens they tended for market. Other comments came from Liz Morley and Patrice Macaluso, who detailed the nature of immigration to Oneonta.
  • Homer Folks TB Hospital (Part 3)
    Reactions to a bunker visit with Nancy Cannon and Bill Simons
  • Homer Folks TB Hospital (Part 2)
    Bill Simon’s recollections of his days as faculty-in-residence at the old nurses building.
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Special Stories

  • John McCoy (Part 4)
    John McCoy talks about his childhood in the 6th Ward of Oneonta (River Street). He also discusses current problems of bee disease and mortality.
  • John McCoy (Part 3)
    John McCoy discusses McCoy Honey (produces 20,000 lbs of honey per year).
  • John McCoy (Part 2)
    John McCoy continues his discussion of bees, apiary, and the natural history of these vital insects.
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