Robert Huot, November 7, 2023


Robert Huot, November 7, 2023
Robert Huot
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Robert Huot is an abstract expressionist artist born on Staten Island in 1935. His wife, Carol Kinne, was one of the founding members of Sculpture Space, an artist residency program in Utica, New York where they both worked as artists and administrators.

Since 1976, Sculpture Space has been bringing artists to Utica from all over the world. During their two-month residencies, the artists can immerse themselves in their creative processes. As Mr. Huot attests in this interview, the program has succeeded in bringing together creative people and cultivating a strong artistic community in the Utica area.

In addition to his affiliation with Sculpture Space, Mr. Huot talks about his career as an artist, particularly his formative experiences and fellow artists whom he encountered and worked with in both academic and artistic spaces.

I interviewed Mr. Huot at his home in New Berlin, New York. He is still an active artist and showed me some of the paintings he was working on as well as some of his past works. About ten minutes into the interview, we took a short break when a neighbor came by to drop off some newspapers. Also present for the interview was Mr. Huot's very friendly Samoyed, Nukka, who can be heard at times in the background.
Time Summary
Track 1, 0:20 - Young Life
Track 1, 4:19 - Post Army
Track 1, 6:14 - Sculpture Space
Track 2, 0:46 - Early Art Career
Track 2, 10:19 - Introduction to Sculpture Space
Track 2, 12:35 - Band
Track 2, 14:29 - Artistic Experimentation
Track 2, 23:30 - Ukraine Commentary
Track 2, 24:39 - Artistic Community
Track 2, 28:59 - Utica
Track 3, 2:05 - Lasting Connections
Track 3, 5:42 - Carol Kinne
Track 3, 14:55 - Artistic Legacy
Daniel Macko
Cooperstown Graduate Program, State University of New York at Oneonta
Cooperstown Graduate
Association, Cooperstown, NY
Sculpture Space, Utica, NY