Mark Golden, November 28, 2023


Mark Golden, November 28, 2023
Mark Golden
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Mark Golden was born in New Jersey. He grew up in a creative household full of art, music, and famous artists. His father, Sam Golden, and great uncle, Leonard Bocour, partnered to create Bocour Artist Colors in the 1930s. The pair worked on 15th Street in Manhattan and hand-ground oil colors for professional artists. Mark attended the University of Rochester to study psychology. After graduation, he ended up working as a typesetter. One day he received a call from his, then retired, father. His father wanted to go back into the paint-making business with his son.

Consequently, Mark joined his parents in New Berlin, New York, to make paint in a renovated barn. It was here in 1980 that Golden Artist Colors, Inc. got its start. After initial financial hardship, the company began making custom paint for artists. This proved to be successful, and the company has continued to grow. The barn they started in came down in 1997, as the newer building continued to grow.

I interviewed Mark at the Golden Artist Colors facility in New Berlin. As such, Golden Artist Colors constitutes a large portion of the interview. Some of the most compelling parts of this interview include how he met his wife, Barbara, and the creation of Golden Artists Colors. While working closely with his family, he found success by working directly with artists. It is inspiring to hear about his philosophy.

I have at times added or removed words to provide more clarification; the added words are in brackets. Mr. Golden’s manner of speech is sometimes difficult to re-create in writing. I urge researchers to consult the audio whenever possible.
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