Tony Reagins, November 21, 2022


Tony Reagins, November 21, 2022
Tony Reagins
Alexandra Webb
African American
Black Culture
Boys and Girls Club
General Manager
Indio, California
Jackie Robinson Day
Major League
Negro Leagues
World Series
Tony Reagins is the Chief Baseball Development Officer for Major League Baseball. He was born in Indio, California in 1967. Along with his career, he is a devoted father and mentor. As a leader in the industry, Reagins has had a significant impact on individuals who are navigating careers in baseball. In the interview, he reflects on where he came from and discusses how his background shaped where he is now.

In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, African Americans began playing the game of baseball in various settings, including with the military, as students, and as professionals. Although baseball earned the moniker “America’s Pastime,” many African Americans experienced racism and exclusion from the sport. The Negro Leagues provided opportunities for African Americans to play the game professionally and to serve in managerial and other roles. In 1947, Jackie Robinson became the first African American player on a modern Major League roster and this historic event led to more Black players being signed to National and American League teams. Throughout the interview, Reagins discusses the many ways that Black culture has influenced baseball and vice versa. The legacy of the Negro Leagues lives on through the remembrances of players and the development of museum archives and collections.

Reagins recalls Black players' impact on the game as well as broader American culture. He delves into the work that is needed to foster a new generation of Black players, coaches, and executives. Some of the most significant themes in the interview are: the drive to pursue an education, the value of community, and the need to make a better future for generations to come. Throughout the interview, Reagins shares insights into the history of the Negro Leagues and the way they have influenced baseball and how baseball has also affected the Black community. While focusing on executive level initiatives, Reagins also discusses the importance of baseball to communities.

I interviewed Mr. Reagins via Zoom as he was in his office in New York. The week prior, he had been traveling for the World Series. Mr. Reagins started as an intern and eventually became a general manager and an executive. He uses these experiences throughout the interview to give more perspective on his hardships and hard work in the field.

In the transcript, I have tried to reproduce the cadence and passion of Mr. Reagins's speech. It is impossible, however, to accurately reproduce all of the details of Mr. Reagins's speech and therefore researchers are encouraged to consult the audio recordings.
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Alexandra Webb
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