John Davis, November 16, 2022


John Davis, November 16, 2022
John Davis
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John S. Davis was born in Buffalo, New York, on June 17, 1930. Davis earned his B.A. from Hamilton College and graduated with his M.D. from Harvard Medical School in 1956. Feeling connected with Bassett Hospital, Davis and his wife, Jean, settled in Cooperstown in 1964. Davis continued his medical career as a gastroenterologist and established Bassett’s first gastroenterology laboratory. He enjoyed providing patient health care and creating meaningful and long-lasting connections with his patients. At Bassett, Davis also spent time as the Director of Medical Education, focusing on teaching students hands-on medicine and patient care. After a long career at Bassett, Davis retired in 1995 and has remained connected with the institution throughout his retirement.

Davis is the author of Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown, New York: 200 Years of Health Care in Rural America. He describes how Bassett began as a small rural health care institution and eventually grew into a comprehensive local health care network. Davis explains how using images, quotes, and various other documents to write the book provides a smooth and informative story for any reader. He is proud of his work and the connections it brought him to the Cooperstown community and Bassett Hospital. Davis’ work on Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown, New York: 200 Years of Health Care in Rural America earned him the distinction of Bassett Hospital’s Lifetime Historian, proudly displayed on a plaque hung on his wall at home. His dedication to Bassett is shown through his medical career, participation in the Bassett Medical Alumni Association, and extensive history on Bassett, which has cemented his foundational role in documenting Bassett’s distinction as a medical institution.

This interview primarily focuses on Davis’ time as a caregiver and educator at Bassett, along with his experience and discoveries while writing the comprehensive history book on Bassett Hospital. I added punctuation and a few words for clarity while maintaining the narrator's phrasing, speech patterns, and expressions. False starts were omitted to provide a clearer narrative. However, listening to the audio recordings will help the reader fully understand the interview and grammatical choices.
Time Summary
Track 1, 4:35 - Rural Medicine
Track 1, 11:25 - Medical teaching philosophy
Track 1, 19:40 - Writing Bassett Health Care Book
Track 2, 10:32 - Doctor-patient relationship
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