Janet McGrath, November 16, 2022


Janet McGrath, November 16, 2022
Janet McGrath
Cassandra Smith
Bassett Hospital
Benefits Specialist
City of the Hills Sweet Adeline
First Baptist Church
Human Resources
Jan McGrath worked as a benefits specialist at Bassett Healthcare for over 46 years. McGrath was born in Oneonta and grow up in Otsego County. Upon graduating from Otego Central School she went to SUNY Delhi. After obtaining her two-year degree in secretarial science, McGrath was hired by Bassett in the personnel department, where she stayed for her full 46 years with the institution.

During those 46 years, Bassett’s human resources department has gone from a team of two to having over fifteen employees. As a whole, Bassett has gone from a single hospital with 575 employees to a network of hospitals employing over three thousand. Cooperstown has also changed in the fifty-plus years McGrath has lived there. The addition of baseball camps and growth of the National Baseball Hall of Fame has commercialized Main Street, leading to an increase in baseball-themed shops.

Throughout the interview, McGrath shares her thoughts on these many different changes as well as how her role in how Bassett has changed. She also talks about her home life and how she balanced raising her son and work. McGrath is also a part of multiple organizations, many of which she discusses throughout the interview.

I interviewed McGrath at her home in Cooperstown, New York. She has been retired for several years and prior to retirement won the Bassett Lifetime Achievement award for her work in Bassett’s human resources department. McGrath spends her retirement as the president of Oneonta’s City of the Hills Sweet Adeline Chorus and as the Treasurer of Cooperstown’s First Baptist Church.

Throughout the interview, McGrath’s sentences flow together. I have inserted periods to improve comprehension. I have also removed any false starts and fixed some minor errors. Overall, I have remained as accurate to the audio recording as possible while maintaining ease of reading.
Time Summary
Track 1, 0:00 - Childhood
Track 1, 4:51 - Working at Bassett
Track 1, 14:43 - Family life
Track 1, 19:21 - Back to Bassett
Track 1, 29:34 - End of Track 1
Track 2, 2:12 - Roles in other organizations
Track 2, 10:33 - Changes in Cooperstown
Track 1: 21:14 - Story of her son
Cassandra Smith
Cooperstown Graduate Program, State University of New York at Oneonta.
Cooperstown Graduate Association, Cooperstown, NY